Advances implementation of strategies and good practices in employability

In order to generate in the Pacific Alliance´s Higuer Education Institutions, good strategies and practices to manage strengthening and monitoring employability and labor insertion of their graduates, Emple -AP Observatory Project, identified and consolidated a portfolio of employability strategies and practices susceptible of being implemented in particular context of each Institution and each Pacific Alliance country.

Recently in EMPLE-AP Project Second Meeting at Canary Islands - Spain, the partners work teams went ahead with strategies and practices defined for each institution to will implement, depending on their own national and institutional context, as well as of the problem state of of employability development and the focus decided to privilege.

Implementation process of strategies and practices will be developed in a one-year pilot period, as a EMPLE-AP Observatory strategy to first validate and monitor the results and impacts in the higuer educations institutions partners of EMPLE-AP project and thus be able to share the final reports with interested ones.

This activity is led by the partners institutions: Instituto Profesional Providencia from Chile, Universidad Cesar Vallejo from Perú, Corporación Universitaria UNITEC from Colombia, accompanied and supervised by Universidad de Bordeaux from France, thanks to its extensive trajectory in this field.

We will continue sharing progress of pilot implementation.

Emple-AP #WithoutLaborFrontiers

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